The journey starts as you wander up the driveway and enter through the borrowed landscape. It’s the Moonah Trees that set the scene with their sculptural shape. The natural landscape commands your attention as you listen to the sounds of the distant ocean carried by the breeze.

As you walk, the architecture of the home shows it presence, but the sweeping lawns let your eyes rest on the composition. Again, the Moonah trees throw their shapes and the palette of the garden starts to gently warm up, with the grass trees painting figures amongst the softer foliage.

We then wander into to the entry courtyard and are swallowed up by nature. The large granite steppers guide you through the patterns of nature, such as the structure of the Agaves and Echinocactus and the softer backdrops of Westringia and Callistemon. Colour pops of warm tones build on the atmosphere with Aulux, Luecodendron and Mimetes. The carpet of Baby’s Tears letting the eye rest once again.

As you drink in the atmosphere of this beachside property, you start to take in the view out to the rear garden which incites a more exotic sense of green calm, and a touch of Tuscan blues to hold the palette. Here the Olives, Agonis and Pears command attention on the upper canopy. Then the larger Agave Americana stand like figures in the distant garden beds. Surrounding the Agaves is an orchestrated mix of green and blue hues, such as Correa and Euphorbia with bursts of warmer tones such as Austrostipa, Bronze Phormium and Dwarf Banksia as nature takes over.

It’s a garden that you want to escape to, begging you to open the door and wander outside to be at one with nature. It’s also a garden that’s close to the owners’ hearts. We look forward to watching it grow and maintaining this beautiful environment for years to come.

Words by Phillip Withers

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