Its just gone 10 years since the day that Andy and Victoria moved into there home in Abbotsford by the city. It was a journey that started out with blood sweat and tears as they looked to renovate the interior, all from bedrooms to bathrooms as they slowly worked there way to creating the dream home they had planned in the beginning.

They have come a long way in the time they had been here, and its interesting to here that in its former life this building ‘an old boot factory founded in the 1920s would churn out boots for diggers in the second world war. Now as its been developed into houses , Andy says “Atleast the sole of the place hasn’t been lost” and has a chuckle…

As time went on the house became a home, and Victoria and Andy made the decision to bring up a family within these walls. It was at this point that they realized that something needed to be done not just inside, but outside aswell. So they continued to renovate downstairs and as the young children in Lilly and Tommy slowly grew they knew it was time to think about the garden.

It was at this point they engaged the team at Phillip Withers Landscape design to look at how the garden could connect to the architecture. As Victoria put it “We want the house to flow out into the courtyard area” So it was here they created there dream list and we set out to design a landscape that was met with enthusiasm.

Photography by Vivian Scarpari

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