Why Choose Phillip Withers Landscape Design?

“Your garden is your journey, a food source, and a place to enjoy being outside with others”

Phillip Withers Landscape Design is known for its ability to create environments. A key philosophy is a respect and celebration of nature so we both talk to architecture and give the ability to walk out, dream and relax…

Phillip Withers Landscape Design was established in 2012 and has grown to become a team of dedicated designers and horticulturalists with a true love for plantlife and an ability to create fusion gardens that aren’t afraid to move in there own direction, whilst paying respect to tradition.

Phillip Withers Landscape Design has grown in strength to have now created multiple award winning show gardens both in Melbourne and Sydney and back to back sustainability awards at the Melbourne Flower and garden Show. We look to create gardens across the country with a vast portfolio of work along Australia’s east coast.

Whilst we aim to create beautiful spaces, we also push to program practical and functioning areas that celebrate that use of food. We feel that as time goes by food becomes less and less organic and therefor our garden spaces are a perfect habitat to involve an edible and learning experience.

Our aim is to continuously support an effort to provide a naturally functioning, aesthetically pleasing environment for the consumer to enjoy and learn. Our challenge with every space is to develop a system that works. Every garden needs fuel, good planning and maintenance, as we grow we look to create better outcomes for the people whom enjoy it most…

Our Core Values and Principles

  • Evaluate a system specific to each garden for its fuel, developing a rejuvenating source for water and food for the garden.
  • Define a practical palette of hardscape elements that relate to a space or area and come from a renewable or sustainable source.
  • Define a beneficial plant palette that makes sense to the habitat to create an environment that works harmoniously with an existing garden where necessary.
  • Define space consideration and multifunctioning elements where deemed necessary
  • Define a garden that supports surrounding native wildlife, with careful attention to bees and pollination
  • Create a space that functions for the people that live in it, creating a food source, a useful place to rest, play and enjoy being outside
  • Create a beautiful and natural environment
  • Define a maintenance plan to keep a garden functioning for future use

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