A lead designer from the Phillip Withers Landscape Design team will oversee the construction phase to ensure that all details from the design are successfully carried through to the build. We will help manage unforeseen decisions on site and make design changes where necessary.


We endeavour to conduct weekly site inspections as per the build programme to check work in progress and conduct material selections. We will also provide quality control measures throughout the construction programme, including:

  • Clarify detailed information with Project Manager.
  • Clarify contract documents with Project Manager where required.
  • Attend site meetings during programmed schedule.
  • Coordinate work undertaken by consultants.
  • Review variations as necessary.
  • Undertake a defects inspection and prepare Defects Schedule prior to project sign-off.
  • Issue Defects Schedule to Project Manager.
  • Sign off on defects and confirm with client.


  • Weekly site meeting and inspection.
  • Drawing detail review as required.
  • Design Advice (DA) notices as required.
  • Defects Schedule.

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