Garden Maintenance

Plant care is essential for gardens to thrive and maintain their desired look and health. We provide a site-specific maintenance plan after initial assesment.

We provide a written irrigation program which can be implemented in the maintenance plan or offered as a separate service.

We also provide ongoing scheduled garden maintenance with a focus on plants which adapts to seasonal changes and the specific requirements of your garden.


  • Develop a tailored Garden Maintenance Plan including all services to be provided for the garden.
  • Source plants and materials as necessary.
  • Soil improvement and fertilisers as required.
  • Installation of plants in appropriate positions.
  • Pruning and mowing services as required.
  • Mulching as required.
  • Pest control as required.


  • Garden maintenance plan.
  • Implementation of maintenance plan including pruning, planting, mowing, mulching, etc.
  • Plant installation to Australian standards.

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