Landscape Design Concept Plan

Concept Plan Process

Once the proposal has been accepted a member of the team come to site to preform a thorough analysis of the area. We will then develop a Concept Plan ready to present in approximately 2 weeks, which is presented at our Richmond office.

Our process is as follows

  • Liaison with the clients.
  • Site visits.
  • Documentation of the site and its elements.
  • Development of scaled, working drawings using CAD.
  • A list of proposed materials and planting styles.

Concept Plan Package

  • The documentation of any site alterations.
  • Existing structures.
  • New design elements.
  • A working plan view of the design.
  • Elevation drawings of the key views to allow a three dimensional understanding of the space.
  • When finalised, the Concept Plan is then provided as an A1 or A2 paper size in colour or black and white, along with a digital copy.

* A presentation of the Concept Plan with the client allows for small modifications to be taken into stage 2 if needed.

Our Landscape Design Process

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