Concept Plan

We will consolidate the approved brief and form conceptual schematic designs. Once completed, these designs will be presented to include the concept floor plan elevations. The design concept will be utilised to create a preliminary cost estimate for review against the planning budget.


  • Develop an initial concept to recognise services, utilities and function.
  • Draft schematic design.
  • With client approval, proceed to Design Development phase.
  • Collate a preliminary cost estimate for softscape and hardscape elements.


  • Hardscape Specification Plans at A1 – 1:100.
  • Hardscape Elevation Plans at A1 – 1:50.
  • Planting Specification Plan at A1 – 1:100.
  • Hardscape Materials Schedule.
  • Planting Schedule.
  • Preliminary cost estimate amended to suit.
  • 1 x Design Development Presentation Meeting.
  • 1 x minor amendments where necessary.

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