Planting Services

Planting Services

Upon completion of the design process and confirmation of the plant list we can offer you the services of plant placement or planting. Our planting options offers the choice of having a member of the team place and plant all plants as per the planting plan or for a member of the team to come assess the area and write up a planting schedule and have them placed accordingly.

Our process is as follows

  • Plant placement.
  • Plant sourcing.
  • Delivery of plants to site.
  • Landscape designer to meet on site to place plants as per design.

Planting Package

  • Soil testing.
  • Sourcing of soil and natural fertilisers dependant on site condition.
  • Sourcing and installing plants in appropriate positions.
  • Mulching of garden to finish.

* The benefits of having us plant for you is any necessary adjustments will be made on site by the designer. We also only provide the highest quality stock, selected from the best-approved suppliers in Australia.

Our Landscape Design Process

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