Landscape Design Procurement

Design Procurement

Design Procurement is an optional service where a selected staff member will regularly come to site to oversee the building process. This is to ensure the specifications are being followed, to ensure the finishes are of the highest quality and to make design decisions where need be.

This starts after the approval of the final plans.

Design Procurement Package

  • Weekly meetings to co-ordinate and ensure all elements of garden are on track as per design.
  • Meetings take place to co-ordinate material specifications and sourcing.
  • Site mark outs to ensure all measurements have been accounted for.
  • Development of design sketches to ensure specific construction elements can be followed on the spot.
  • Sign off placement of key elements such as rocks, features and lighting.
  • Placement and co-ordination of plants and assisting to source quality stock.
  • Sign off garden to make sure it has been followed to specification.

Our Landscape Design Process

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