Optional Services

Garden Styling

Let us put together a furniture package and pot selection for your garden to ensure that your landscape design is complete with all the finishing touches.


  • Confirm brief and budget.
  • Research furniture, finished and colour options.
  • Conduct pot selection.


  • Furniture package catalogue.
  • Pot selection options.
  • Furniture quote.
  • Pots quote.

Vertical Garden Design

Our team can create a comprehensive layout of the plants included in your Vertical Garden Design, including the quantity of each plant species, the botanical and common names of each and the size at maturity. We will also detail the structure of your vertical garden including irrigation and drainage. Our Horticulture Division will provide a preliminary cost for the completion of the project.


  • Develop vertical garden structure and functional elements as well as planting palette.
  • Present Vertical Garden Design.
  • Preliminary cost estimate.


  • Vertical Garden Design.
  • Section and elevations of key areas.
  • Presentation of Vertical Garden Design to client.
  • Plant Images.
  • Preliminary cost estimate by Horticulture Division.

Town Planning Landscape Plan

Our team can create a complete Landscape Plan for Council submission. This includes the design phases Concept Plan and Planting Plan. The included planting plan will detail the specific location, botanical name, common name, size at maturity and quantity of each plant species specified for your project.


  • Develop an initial concept to recognise services, utilities and function as well as finished levels.
  • Develop planting palette with specific location, botanical name, common name, size at maturity and quantity of each plant species.
  • Present the Concept Plan and Planting Plan.
  • Collate a preliminary cost estimate for hardscapes and softscapes.


  • Landscape Plan for Council application.
  • Section and elevations of key areas.
  • Presentation of Vertical Garden Design to client.
  • Precedent imagery.
  • Preliminary cost estimate.

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