Landscape Design Planting Plan

Planting Plan

The Landscape Planting Plan refines the Concept Plan to include plant selection & planting schedules, dimensions, etc. We will then develop a Planting Plan ready to present in approximately 2-4 weeks.

Our process is as follows

  • Site analysis to include measurements (If required).
  • Plant pallet is formed and emailed to client (Design Consultation).
  • Documentation of the site and its elements.
  • Development of Planting Plan.
  • Followed by presentation to the client at our¬†Richmond showroom.

Planting Plan Package

  • Development of the planting plan using CAD, detailing plants at there established sizes.
  • The planting schedule is formed identifying widths, heights and pot sizes.
  • Pictures are formed to show plants in detail.
  • Presentation of the planting plan at the Richmond showroom
  • We include one option to make minor adjustments to plants following presentation to be signed off on following final presentation.

* The final design is provided as an A1 or A2 colour print with a digital copy as well as images of the selected plants.

Our Landscape Design Process

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