Amanda and Chris longed for a garden that sat naturally in its habitat down by the waters edge in Portsea, Victoria. Once a former nursery site, this beautiful property naturally sweeps down to the open land through a surrounding stadium of borrowed native bushland flora. A picture to work with and a wonderful canvas to be involved with!

It’s here they looked to start there journey of engaging the team at Phillip Withers Landscape Design to help them create a landscape that softly sits in its habitat, but works harmoniously into a palette that’s enriched with there own exotic interest closer to the Architecture.
The concept is natural and it sweeps into the property rather then having a loud voice. Here we looked to local and natural hardscape elements as it now marks the first stage of works and the team from Avoca Landscape Construction make the initial cuts into the front bank and the local rock is worked into position.
It’s also time we plan out the final combinations for the all important planting plan, and outside the studio we look to source the finest trees in Australia ahead of stage 2 when the beautiful upper canopy sets it sights on the sacred land, a place Amanda and Chris will soon call home.
Stay tuned for chapter 2…
Words by Phillip Withers
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