“They sleep, they dream, they romance“

Such a wonderful event to celebrate the transitional season of autumn, which was shared at our opening event at the Shrub Hub – 1st of March – 3rd of March

The first autumn event included some of Australia’s most wonderful creators celebrating all things Autumn who we would like to say a big thank you too!

Was such a wonderful series of talkers including Andrew Laidlaw, John Hall (Cactus Country), Phillip Withers (PWLD), Andrew Smith (Warners), Charlie Lawler and Wona Bae (Looseleaf), Alice Johnson (The Design Files), Rupert Baynes (Rupert Baynes Landscape Design), Chris England (Merrywood), Julie Bennet (Montalto & Penedible Landscapes), Veronica Bosque (Fractalis Design), Sharni Jansen (FareShare) and Karl Renzow (Karl Renzow Horticulture)

Thank you to Thames & Hudson and Hardie Grant Publishing, our featured artist for Autumn – Justin Lee Williams, Miniscapes by Clea Cregan and Kim Williams from Mac & Vine.

Also a major thank you must go to our growers and presenting partner
Cactus Country, Nishiki Nursery, VINC, Palm Place Nursery and Warners Nursery

Greening Australia is committed to tackling Australia’s biggest environmental challenges with the best science and the best people, to return life to landscapes and balance to the natural environment in ways that work for communities, economies and nature.

Can’t wait to see you next season!


Photography: Jessica Grilli Photography

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