Deep in the city lights you’ll find a flavour of green…


Our Landscape Architecture division was recently engaged to design a garden that could battle the conditions up on the 5th Floor of a multi-residential dwelling in Melbourne City.


The brief was to create a native and edible habitat, a haven in which the residents can entertain, unwind and escape from the busy Melbourne streets. A space to grab the tequila, add a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt and enjoy relaxing in their own inner city oasis!
The entertainer’s dream was to include a minimalist architectural feel, seen in our design elements such as the matte black aluminium planters and the vertical gardens. Here, the plants created the environment with the city forming the backdrop to a wonderful outdoor dining experience.
The owners say they love to congregate with other residents in the garden, picking herbs and cooking up a feast, or simply to sit amongst the wonderful green environment by themselves and take five.


Our Horticulture division say they enjoy the interesting and useful palette that helped make up this iconic Australian environment with its touch of edible flavour. During their maintenance visits, they delight in watching the garden maturing and developing with each passing season.


Photography by MGM.
Outdoor table fabricated by Epic Joinery.
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