Phillip WithersCreative director

Phillip Withers has grown to become a new breed of garden designer, filled with creative daring, exuberance and contemporary sensibility. He matches that with years of experience, designing multiple award-winning show gardens both in Melbourne and Sydney and a growing portfolio of professional work along Australia’s east coast.

Phillip is very versatile and playful in his designs. His signature is to paint contemporary colour and form into his works with the architectural elements and also a focus on using plants in innovative and unusual ways. The blood and bones of Phillip’s design aesthetic is a respect for nature and the knowledge that a garden should be designed with an understanding of how it will be fuelled both by water, soil and waste.  Phillip enjoys celebrating food in the garden and is constantly pushing the boundaries of edible garden design while keeping function and beauty in mind.

Phillip enjoys wandering around the globe gathering inspiration and knowledge from the furthest of borders, hearing from people and learning from place… Phillip now writes for various such online magazines such as GardenDrum and Houzz. He also enjoys working with Australian-made brands and horticulture brands to create sustainable landscapes and environmental awareness.

Favourite Plant – Echinocactus Grusonii
Favourite Place – Boor Bay, San Remo

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