We made our way back to the Secret Garden this month to see the wonderful growth it has had since its inception and the beautiful habitat that it has developed into. Thanks to the wonderful maintenance team from Semken Landscaping who have kept the garden in fantastic shape since they first installed it two years ago.

The journey through the Secret Garden begins at a more traditional entertaining area full of wonderful Tait Furniture. This area pays respect to the Edwardian architecture of the home and links in with the more semi-formal front garden.

Then garden then creates a fusion as you wander out to an environment filled with a more native influence where the birds and the bees run free and provides a wonderful seating area and lush lawn for a more leisurely experience. This area also lets Billy the dog run free. You then turn the corner once again to find an activated space full of herbs, veggies and fruit to fill the plate and to provide a place where the whole family can get out and engage in gardening.

You then escape to the upper level pool deck which acts like a stage for the opera singer owner and a wonderful place to bathe amongst the sunken garden environment to and to lose yourself in nature.

It’s a Secret Garden that provides more and more experiences as you journey through it and an environment that makes you want to stop and enjoy it along the way.

Words by Phillip Withers

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