Acting Natural

You may have noticed our new website, maybe not if it’s your first time here, perhaps you don’t even know where you are, anyway – welcome to the new Phillip Withers website! It’s been a long time coming and after spending the past 6 months huddling over computer screens, chipping away at an overall brand refresh, we’re very pleased to share it with you and frankly just glad it’s finished so we can get back outside.

We’re still the same people, doing the same things, it was simply time for the brand to play a bit of catch up in order to better reflect the quality of work that we have completed over the last few years. With this in mind we engaged M. Giesser to help us solidify our vision, figure out the best way to communicate our collective story and bring that thinking to life across all of our various touchpoints (we’ve picked up a few nifty buzzwords along the way).

Together we landed on this idea of “acting natural” which has since become quite a guiding principle for us. This simple play on words has not only given us a strong foundation for all things brand (in a manner that’s very true to us), but it also provides the encouragement to just keep doing what comes natural to us. “Act natural” serves as a rallying cry to all those who share in our belief that the best outcomes are always the ones that strengthen our connection back to nature.

Huge thanks to all those involved with this project with a special thanks to Amelia Stanwix for the video on the homepage and for all the stunning project photography you’ve done for us over the years and to Sam Morgan who built this fantastic website.