SaltBush Materials and Fixtures Palette

Surface treatment

Material: 20mm Recycled crushed brick toppings
For use in: Dunes, mineral mulch
Supplier: EcoGroup

Material: Shell grit
For use in: Dunes, mineral mulch
Supplier: Southpoint Garden Supplies

Material: Triple Washed Sand
For use in: Aquatic regeneration zone
Supplier: Southpoint Garden Supplies

Material: Natural Mulch
For use in: Inland bioregion mulch
Supplier: Southpoint Garden Supplies

Landscape features

Material: Bluestone feature rocks
For use in: Stone steps, rock seats
Supplier: Bamstone Bluestone

Material: Reclaimed stone, basalt
For use in: Feature rocks
Supplier: Bannockburn


Material: Bluestone offcuts
For use in: Gabion wall
Supplier: Bamstone Bluestone

Material: Recycled timber 150x300mm
For use in: retaining wall, timber sleeper steps
Supplier: Jaks Timber


Material: Custom brick in Sepia 0.5
For use in: paving, pool coping, steps and pizza oven cladding
Supplier: Natural Brick

Material: Custom Terrazzo Sepia 0.5
For use in: steps
Supplier: Natural Brick


Material: Bronze metal
For use in: Lighting including the accent lights, path lights, step lights and underwater lights.
Supplier: GAN


Material: Dulux paint – Royal Beige Half
For use in: Polito pizza oven
Supplier: DULUX


The natural pool was a collaboration between Viking Plastic, who supplied the Regeneration Zone Tank, along with Eco Plunge Pools and Ben Hutchinson, who contributed to the design and construction.

All bricks, including paving, custom curved walls and the bullnose steps and pool coping were supplied by Natural Brick.

Bamstone provided the bluestone feature rocks, which were hand-crafted by stonemason, Tim Volant.

The frontline coastal bioregion features natural dunes, composed of a mix of recycled crushed brick from EcoGroup, and shell grit from Southpoint Garden Supplies, which has been harvested from a long standing salt quarry in Victoria. Southpoint also supplied course washed sand and natural mulch for the garden.

The ready-made Michelangelo pizza oven was provided curtesy of Polito Woodfire Ovens.

Gardens at Night supplied all lighting for the show, including their Accent light 5, Accent light 8, Inground light 5, Inground path light 5, Step light round 100, Underwater light 5 and Neon side flex LED strip.

Inside Out Custom Living made the bespoke gabion structure.

All timber products were supplied by Jaks Timber, including the steppers and sleeper wall. These sleepers have been sourced from redundant power poles throughout VIC and NSW, and been re-sawn into sleepers for use in other projects.

Grazio&Co supplied much of the furniture for SaltBush, including their summer swivel chair, Ellis curved bench and Ellis ottoman.

Other furniture was curtesy of Tait, including their Voom lounger and ottoman, Seam ‘D’ Shape Bar Table and Seam Barstools.

Prestige surfaces sealed all our stone and paving.

Pots used in the contract growing of the plants were supplied by Garden City Plastics. The soil was supplied by BioGro.



We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to this project, for all your time, expertise and hard work. We couldn't have done it without you!

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