Naturescapes – How to create a natural Australian Garden.


Together with habitat guru AB Bishop, and photography by Amelia Stanwix. We have developed a book documenting our experiences in how to create naturalistic Australian gardens
that supports and celebrates the local environment. Local and naturalistic gardens help plants, creatures and people thrive.

This is book shows how you can take inspiration from your favourite natural landscapes and create your own garden. With a detailed focus on plant selection, materials, habitats for wildlife, soil information, design and establishing environments.  Naturescapes looks to inform and inspire those wanting to learn more about their local landscape.

The book captures the following in detail.

Naturescapes delves into the importance of understanding and defining our local everything. The more we understand our natural landscape the more informed choices we can make when it comes to garden design. We believe that by exploring all things local, not only does each unique garden journey become richer, but we also initiate an incredible ripple effect through our lives and the greater environment.

Exploring your local everything. From the area’s unique microclimate to its long and involved history. It’s geology, landforms and waterways, and it’s diverse flora and fauna. Not to mention your community, suppliers, businesses and organisations.

Utilising local flora and materials when designing a garden can help us create a better connection to place.

This chapter shares practical advice on key design considerations such as general planning advice. Tips for purpose and use such as designing for the whole family, designing to pick and eat and reconnecting with nature. Plus Environmental considerations such as planning for seasonality, diversity and integrating habitat and a whole lot more.


This chapter talks about the consideration of using local materials for both hard and soft landscaping, the key benefits and everything to consider when building. It looks at working towards a sustainable garden with healthy soil, composting, water conservation and much more. It highlights and celebrates the great possibilities

for natural and local gardens working as a natural system in Australia.



Plant Directory 
Naturescapes plant directory features a range of native plants from around the country. Depicted in categories of Trees, Shrubs, Wildflowers, Grasses, Groundcovers and Climbers. Each plant includes a description noting size, flowering times, suitability and notes on the wildlife these plants can create habitats for.

Naturescapes will be available
here from July 25th.