On tour: Shanghai

Highlights of Phil’s recent trip to Shanghai included touring a few wonderful local gardens and attending China’s second ever ‘Garden Gathering Awarding Ceremony’.

Phil was invited to take part in the ceremony and to relate the story of our 2017 Best in Show appearance at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show with ‘I See Wild’. It was a true honour for Phil to be given the opportunity to speak at such a prestigious event alongside James and Helen Basson from England, Caroline and Jobe Blackman from Australia and Koshi Ohashi from Japan. 
Whilst in Shanghai, Phil made a point of visiting Muzhong Landscape Park and Houtan Park (designed by Turenscape).
Houtan Park is a regenerative living landscape on Shanghai’s Huangpu riverfront. The park’s constructed wetland, ecological flood control, reclaimed industrial structures and materials and urban agriculture are integral components of an overall restorative design strategy to treat polluted river water and recover the degraded waterfront in an aesthetically pleasing way.
Although a short trip, Phil still found enough time to take in the cultural experience. He looks forward to experiencing the city in greater detail when we head back to Shanghai in September. There is also the potential for an appearance at the world-famous Shanghai Garden Show.