Client:Lucy & Gordon
Project Type:Horticulture, Horticulture Maintenance, Residential, Landscape Design, Landscape Architecture
Photography:Amelia Stanwix

Landscape Design, Horticulture Procurement & Installation

We round out 2019 with a beautiful inner city garden for a very special family in the north of Melbourne…
There is a real sense of community in the inner north of Melbourne, the parks are green and full of activity and the streets are abundant and shaped by embracing culture.
That sense of green is exactly what we wanted to bring to this special young family and their hidden gem. A house that has been cleverly interpreted to take full advantage of its footprint with a beautifully modern yet understated building designed by Kennedy Nolan.
Everything about this place speaks volumes for Fitzroy and when Lucy (aka The Design Files) her husband Gordon briefed us on their vision for the house, “ to wrap the building around an inner luscious green space considering the views at each level”, we knew we had to plan carefully…

The garden set on approximately 15sqm of space needed to be carefully considered to celebrate each floor. We chose to set a foreground of Moss White Birch ‘Betula pendula Moss White and a backdrop of Boston Ivy “Parthenocissus triscuspidata to the rear wall that would soon wander up to the 1st and second floors. Then the ground floor or forest floor as we like to interpret it looks to build a profusion of green textures through Hydrangea quircifolia ’Snow Queen’, Pinus mugo, Fatsia japonica, Ozothamnus diosmifolius and Viola banksii which also makes for access into the garden.

Once inside the space you find a natural bluestone seat that doubles as a step and also a track that leads down to the planned outdoor shower. As you wander down the track or through the house you can’t help but feel the fresh green feeling it has on the newly enriched setting.

Its a garden that will grow with the family and nestle itself so naturally into the leafy streets of Fitzroy, but most of all its a place that helps these lovely people turn their beautiful house into a home…