Malvern East

Project Type:Landscape Design, Residential, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture Maintenance
Location:Malvern East
Size:+500 sqm
Photography:Amelia Stanwix

Landscape Design, Horticulture Procurement, Installation & Maintenance, Project Management

Nature-loving owners wanted a beautiful habitat that they could utilise and also relax within. A series of spaces with varying functions, where they could be transported away from their busy lives.

What we came up with is a bit of a fusion garden. As you wander around, you find yourself in an environment where the birds and the bees fly freely, filled with native flora and providing a wonderful seating area with lush lawn, perfect for having a lie down to think about that birds and bees story Dad told you when you were young. You then turn the corner and find yourself in a different space, one that’s active and productive, full of herbs, fruit and veg. Forming a place where the whole family can get out and engage in gardening.

The elevated pool deck gives the opera–singing owner a wonderful stage to practise on and yeah, it’s also just a nice place to bathe amongst the garden environment, getting lost in the nature all around.