The Cellar Door

Client:The Cellar Door
Project Type:Commercial, Horticulture, Horticulture Maintenance, Landscape Architecture
Size:1,200 sqm
Photography:Etienne Mortier

Landscape Architecture, Horticulture Procurement & Installation

The Cellar Door is dedicated to showcasing the food and wine of the Yarra Valley region complete with a rooftop vegetable garden / bar and with planted displays on every floor of the three-story building. It captures the beauty of the area and the story of the local region, one that every community can understand.

The top floor is an open air rooftop bar where you can grab a local drop or bite to eat and gaze across the views of the east Melbourne plains. Surrounding the bar is a mosaic of colourful herbs, veggies, fruit trees, aromatic plants and flowers that are ready to pick such as lemon trees, olives, strawberries, kale, curry plant, corn, parsley, chives, rosemary, pineapple sage and mixed African daisy just to name a few.

The first floor is a mezzanine set with a runway style walk-through entrance of Dwarf Bay laurels and pleached Tahitian lime trees. Here we added a decorative element of hanging Japanese string balls holding dwarf lemons and devils ivy.


The ground floor dining area needed to deliver the diners a planting punch, with an edible entrance of lemon and bay trees, underplanted with a lower canopy of more edibles and aromatics. The ornamental grape is set up to climb up the timber-clad wall to create a living green screen. Wandering into the dining area, patrons will discover a giant multi-stemmed olive tree.