Designed by Phillip Withers in collaboration with  Fiona Brockhoff.

SaltBush is a journey; a journey through a garden to rediscover what our local environment means to us.

The journey begins in the ‘Salt’ coastal dunes, traverses heath and wetland habitat and culminates in an inland ‘Bush’ setting. Here a gathering place promotes immersion, observation, connection, and reflection.

Think back to when you were a child stepping out into the landscape and uncovering our local flora and fauna for the first time – clambering over rocks from the Victorian soil, smelling the scent of flowers grown along the coast, splashing through a natural pond filtered by aquatic plants. We want this garden to be a chance to help us reconnect with the earth, with plants, with insects, with water, and with each other, to encourages humans big and small to not only to appreciate, but to actively care for nature.

The garden has been constructed from recycled and local materials and consists entirely of Victorian indigenous plants that support local pollinators. Water treatment has been designed to balance a healthy ecological system with aesthetic objectives. Together, these elements create a strong connection with the Victorian environment and infuse an authentic sense of place in your journey from salt to bush.

Consideration has been given throughout the design journey as to how waste can be minimised at the conclusion of the show. SaltBush will be repurposed on the Bellarine Peninsula.

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