Phillip Withers is known for our ability to act natural and create environments rich with both native and productive plant-life. For us it’s about creating a sensory experience and a connection back to the natural landscape.

Established in 2012 by Director Phillip Withers, the company has grown to become a team of dedicated landscape designers, architects and horticulturists with a true love of plant-life and an ability to paint the landscape with nature.

Landscape Architecture

Our landscape designers come with a background in horticulture and can be unparalleled in their knowledge of the local environment and local plant species. They possess the requisite experience and knowledge of plant types to be able to effectively visualise how a garden will look in five or ten years, once various plants and trees have grown to maturity.

Our licensed landscape architects plan and design public outdoor spaces alongside the restoration of natural places disturbed by humans such as wetlands, stream corridors, mined areas, and forested land. An education in and respect for historic landscapes and cultural resources allows our landscape architects to work on preservation planning projects across all scales.

Our horticulturists are trained plant specialists, applying their knowledge, skills, and technologies to grow intensively produced plants for food, non-food, personal and social needs. Their work involves plant propagation and cultivation with the aim of improving plant growth, yields, quality, nutritional value, and resistance to insects, diseases, and environmental stresses. They work alongside our architects and designers as gardeners, growers, therapists and technical advisors.

Our Approach


Design Consultation
We look forward to the opportunity to get to know our clients. This enables us to develop a first-hand and comprehensive understanding of your lifestyle. It also helps us to create a sense of place. In order to get to know you a bit better, we will organise a client briefing, in which we will run through all aspects of your project to ensure the most beneficial outcome for you.

  • Inspect site to assess conditions, input and possible use of existing elements
  • Detail design process and project estimates with client based on previous project history
  • Attend client briefing onsite or online as required
  • Prepare initial project brief
  • Provide brief, inspiration, and proposal for approval to commence Phillip Withers design process

Concept Design
We will consolidate the approved brief and form conceptual schematic designs.
Once completed, these designs will be presented to include the concept plans & elevations.

  • Conduct site analysis to further understand the opportunities and constraints of the site
  • Develop an initial concept to recognise services, utilities, and function
  • Draft schematic design & compile relevant imagery
  • Present concept design package
  • Make minor adjustments to design where necessary
  • Coordination and communication to client and consultant group through project lead throughout process
  • Confirm client approval to proceed to Design development (optional) Documentation and Contract Administration

Concept Package. 1 x soft copy (A3)

  • Landscape Vision – Precedent Imagery & Vision
  • Overall Landscape Areas
  • Plan View Overall Landscape Plan & Plan View of Detailed plans of each defined area.
  • Sections/Elevations
  • Precedent imagery
  • Material Palette
  • 1 x Concept Presentation Meeting
  • 1 x set of amendments to the design to be
    signed off by client

Town Planning Application (If required)
Should your project require submission for town planning, our extended concept pack to include town planning will be proposed to meet council requirements.

  • Develop Town planning application for town planning submission
  • Draft plan view design & compile relevant material and plant information in accordance with concept plan
  • Review overlay requirements

Town Planning Application package inclusive of the following: 

  • Landscape Concept Plan inclusive of Town Planning deliverables
  • Initial planning of materials and inclusion– with key of relative information
    including the delineation of all excavation,
    garden beds, paving, grassed areas,
    retaining walls, fences and other landscape
  • To include planting Schedule – Trees, shrubs, groundcovers, listing botanical
    name, size and qty (If required)
  • Tree Retention & Removal Schedule (If required)
  • Tree Removal Plan (If required)
  • Tree Retention and Protection Plan
    including TPZ information supplied by
    qualified arborist. (If Required)
  • Plant selection to the local Ecological
    Vegetation Class to the satisfaction of the
    Responsible Authority
  • Elevations – Street view
  • Material imagery
  • The provision of notes regarding site preparation, including the removal of all weeds, proposed mulch, planting instructions, plant establishment procedures and any specific maintenance requirements
  • Adherence and coordination of all planning overlay requirements

Design Development
Optional – (not for construction issue)
The Design Development planning stage will contain a visual representation, defining accurate schedules to develop the concept with two sets of plans under planting and materials. The following details will be included in the package: planting detail, surfaces and finished detail, lighting and drainage.

  • Prepare material and hardscape plans & details
  • Gather material samples for material finishes palette
  • Present design development package & palette
  • Make minor adjustments to design where necessary
  • Landscape Areas Plan
  • Surface treatment detail
  • Details
  • Elevations
  • Plant palette (further detail)
  • Material schedule
  • Material finishes schedule
  • 1 x Design Development Presentation
  • 1 x Set of amendment to the design to be
    signed off by the client

Construction Documentation
(for construction issue)
We provide all detailed finishes of the design in preparation for construction /installation, listing finished details, methods, and dimensions to all outdoor elements.

  • Deliver all design details and updates where necessary
  • Co-ordinate all drawings and documentation with other consultants
  • Assessment of planning permit requirements
  • Coordination and communication to client and consultant group through project designer throughout process
  • Confirm all details and samples
  • Confirm all amendments for final
    Documentation for contract pricing
  • Contract Administration to commence once documentation final documentation has been issued to contractor permit as per authorities an consultant detail in requirements (elevation details)
  • Confirm all consultant issues and application requirements
  • Surface treatment Plans
  • Demolition Plans (If required)
  • Tree Removal Plans (If required)
  • Tree Removal and Retention Schedule (If required)
  • Setout Plans
  • Levels and Grading Plans
  • Hard and Soft Details
  • Detail Sections (if required)
  • Planting Plans (if required)
  • Plant palette (if required)
  • Material finishes schedule
  • 1 x samples meeting
  • 1 x set of amendments for contract pricing
  • Optional Deliverables:

  • Lighting Plan
  • Irrigation Plan
  • Furniture Package

Contract Administration (pre approval)
Upon completion of the Documentation process we will commence the Contract Administration process. Contract Administration begins with an introduction
to our preferred contractor for your project who will propose the landscape construction and installation. Phillip Withers will propose the plant procurement and assess the landscape proposal for your consideration and approval.


(Pre Contractor Approval)

  • Issue RFP to one preferred landscape contractor for construction and installation
  • Liaise with Landscape Construction Project Manager as required
  • Assist Landscape Construction Project Manager in adhering to the Design Documentation in preparing the landscape proposal
  • Attend site meetings where necessary
  • Prepare Horticulture procurement proposal for your project as required
  • Circulate landscape contractor and plant procurement proposal for approval
  • Undertake a defects inspection and prepare Defects Schedule prior to project sign-off
  • Attend to any queries and co-ordinate updates to landscape proposal as required

(Pre Contractor Approval)

  • Issue of minor tender amendments where required
  • Attend initial site meetings with Landscape Project manager where required
  • Issue documentation as required to the preferred contractor
  • Present proposal and provide recommendation where required
  • We can engage a second contractor should it be required at an hourly rate fee

Contract Administration
(post approval)
Once the landscape contractor is approved the Phillip Withers team will oversee the landscape construction by the preferred contractor ensuring that the design is carried out onsite as approved. We will co-ordinate a build program, confirm landscape specifications, scheduled site meetings and landscape defects. We will help manage unforeseen decisions make design changes where necessary to assist in the construction of your landscape.


(Post Contractor Approval)

  • Issue scope of services and RFP to one preferred landscape contractor for construction and installation
  • Clarify detailed information with Project Manager
  • Clarify contract documents with Project Manager where required
  • Attend site meetings on a fortnightly (or confirmed) basis during construction phase – project lead and/or senior team member where required
  • Minor adjustments to documentation during construction period where necessary
  • Review variations as necessary
  • Undertake a defects inspection and prepare Defects Schedule prior to project
  • Issue Defects Schedule to Project Manager

(Post Contractor Approval)

  • Issue of minor Contract administration amendments where required
  • Attend site meetings with project manager, project lead and senior team member where required
  • Site meeting minutes and design advice to be issued each fortnight to all parties
  • Issue documentation as required for contract sign off
  • Construction Program
  • Site meeting and inspection program
  • Drawing detail review as required
  • Design Advice (DA) notices as required
  • Defects Schedule

Plant Procurement
Our Horticulture Team will procure and oversee the installation your plants using best practice methods to promote swift establishment and prolonged growth.
The benefits of having us procure and setout for you is any necessary adjustments will be made on site by the design and horticulture team to ensure a well integrated process.
We also only work with the highest quality growers and suppliers in Australia to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment.
Upon completion we will provide 3 complimentary plant care visits in the one month following installation to ensure the initial establishment of your garden. Following the final visit we will provide a proposal for seasonal consulting from our team ongoing.

Following completion of our 3 nominated health care visits all liability of plants including loss are the responsibilty of the owners. It is the Phillip Withers recommendation that our seasonal horticulture consulting service is engaged at the completion of the health care visit where we will assess and review all planting seasonally.

  • Soil testing as required
  • Plant sourcing and delivery to site placement and coordination of plant life
  • Soil improvement, conditioners and natural fertilisers advice as required
  • Overseeing installation of plants with quality standard assurance Maintenance assessment following installation
  • Plant care assessment review at key intervals
  • Soil improvement stage
  • Plant procurement as per specifications
  • Plant set out as required by Horticulture Team
  • 3x complimentary plant care visits in the one month following installation to assess and assist in the establishment of your garden
  • Horticulture consulting proposal prepared for 12 months post installation

Seasonal Horticulture Consultation
Through consultation our Horticulture consultants will provide a site-specific seasonal maintenance plan to cater for both on-site and year round remote on call help for your garden.
We offer a seasonal option to cater for an on-site key health care visit. We will then ensure a detailed maintenance plan is prepared to follow plus continued remote service and coordination of any labour works outside of our key consultant service through our maintenance partner.

  • Thorough assessment of the subject site and the horticulture requirements
  • Develop a tailored seasonal maintenance plan including all services to be provided for the garden
  • Completed scheduled horticulture consultation seasonally as proposed
  • Provide detailed reporting following each seasonal visit
  • Assessment soil and watering program as required
  • Advise and procure plants for the site/ project as required
  • Advise on soil improvement, fertilisers and pest management as required
  • Logging of maintenance practices for your project to ensure high quality management ongoing
  • Attend to seasonal pruning of trees/ shrubs as required
  • Introduction and handover to aligned maintenance contractor to undertake general site maintenance
  • Maintenance inspections and review as required
  • Co-ordinate maintenance contractors, feedback and provide advice on mulching, fertilising, perennial cut back to maintain garden
  • Seasonal garden maintenance plan
  • Seasonal horticulture visits by Phillip Withers team
  • Implement and oversee maintenance subcontractors scheduled works
  • Provide ongoing phone/email support for horticultural consultation as part of your yearly subscription

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