We wanted to create a place where our designers and landscape architects can be inspired, and our horticulturalists could test out plant life and learn together. But above all we wanted a place to collaborate with the broader community on all things environment.


Over the last year we’ve hosted a wonderful series of events at the Shrub Hub featuring some amazing speakers including Andrew Laidlaw, John Hall (Cactus Country), Andrew Smith (Warners), Charlie Lawler and Wona Bae (Looseleaf), Alice Johnson (The Design Files), Rupert Baynes (Rupert Baynes Landscape Design), Chris England (Merrywood), Julie Bennet (Montalto & Penedible Landscapes), Sharni Jansen (FareShare) and Karl Renzow (Karl Renzow Horticulture).

Design Consultation
We’re currently offering free design consultations with one of our Shrub Hubbers and will do so until we decide to stop. If you, like most people, enjoy free things and also have the desire to connect your environment back to nature, click here to book an appointment.

Using the Shrub Hub
We don’t do it often, since it’d be like you renting out your kitchen to 50 strangers at once, but if you have an idea for an event, photoshoot, television commercial or just want a green corner to hang out by yourself for a couple of hours, just shoot an email over to info@phillipwithers.com and plead your case.

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