Sprout is a collection of 13 townhouses set around a unique landscape that is inspired by the courtyard style of European buildings. Principal architect Cameron Neil of Neil Architecture reports, “the hard shell exterior of Sprout was designed so that strategic openings show a glimpse of the building’s soft interior and internal gardens out to the world.”

The internal courtyard and lush landscape were always an integral part of the design concept and were intended as a juxtaposition to the hard exterior of the building’s facade. The soft landscape and diverse plant palette offers Sprout’s residents a calm retreat from the busyness of everyday life.

The focus was on creating a calm and welcoming space where people would want to stop and take in their surroundings. We wanted the Sprout community to enter the townhouse complex, look up and be greeted by a mass of diverse greenery, perfectly complemented by the architect’s contemporary design. The courtyard itself is open to the sky, allowing the light to stream in and cast dancing shadows on the surrounding surfaces. It brings a real sense of magic to the space.