The Design Files Open House

Phillip Withers Landscape Design is proud to present Mountains as part of The Design Files Open House, November 2017.

Mountains celebrates the role of a natural environment in an urban setting and how it can create a sanctuary of sensory relief for the whole family.

Here is an inviting landscape full of interest and biodiversity, brimming with Australian natives, exotic colour and texture, food to pick and eat, grasses for softness and even cacti and succulents to provide sculptural shapes within the natural environment.

The garden is designed to play on the senses and features plant life that mimics the wild Australian landscape. There is an emphasis on sustainability through low water use, natural and recycled Australian materials and a plant palette that will grow to become stronger together to fight against pests and diseases.

Visitors are instinctively drawn to walk through the garden, with rolling hills leading the eye and colour and texture lighting up the way. A modern artful twist is provided by collaborator Den Holm who has sculpted his signature limestone into the banks to create seating and retaining elements for the natural urban setting.

The use of Australian materials continues as we incorporate organic shapes into the recycled timber decks where visitors to the garden can sit and relax and children can explore, smell and touch within the living habitat.

With special thanks to our wonderful collaborators on this project:
Den Holm • Burzah Constructions • Ancient Timbers • Cactus Country • Ecogroup • Limestone Australia • Ronneby Trees • The Nursery Co

Mountains is open 10am – 5pm (free entry)
Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th November 2017
Collingwood Arts Precinct, 35 Johnston Street, Collingwood