This Spring we are delighted to celebrate the 10 Year anniversary of Phillip Withers.

This Spring we celebrated the 10 Year anniversary of Phillip Withers. From the early years of development to the rise of the Shrubhub, It’s a decade of fond memories and relationships.

From our first years in business in 2012 after a student garden at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. We were able to  develop some pivotal relationships and then started at Gardenworld in Braeside with James Wall, in a studio run by Semken landscaping working with and being mentored by Brent Reid and Martin Semken.

What started as a sole trader to working  through the first couple of years with our first employee Emmaline Bowman. Our team grew and we moved into the city in 2015 into a small off shoot studio of Neil Architecture in Richmond. 

We continued to grow and the Shrubhub was born in Collingwood in 2018 as we developed to include design and horticulture, Jarrod Dawson and Arron Schwartz were key to this progression.

Post covid earlier this year we downsized our space and Shrubhub 2.0 was born and our indoor garden now resides in Richmond once again on Bridge Road. 

It’s an important time I feel to recognize our team, Jarrod and I still run the business and our design team is lead by Harriet Follet and project designers Eden Hoang, Bree Keogh and graduate Lilie Paxton-White.

Our Horticulture team is lead by Micaela Hamilton and horticulturist Tess Ferguson-Hook. Our team of 8 are very talented but more importantly they are great people and I feel fortunate to share the journey with them.

We’ve had many strong relationships along the way through a lot of the people mentioned and many more. People such as Andrew Laidlaw have been instrumental in this continued support.

We owe a lot to our contractors whom we have worked with over the years on multiple projects. The team at Avoca Landscape Construction, Longview Landscape Construction, Greener visions, Ben Hutchinson Landscapes, InStyle Gardens, Semken Landscapes, Reflective Scaping, Bayon Gardens. 

Thanks to all the amazing consultants we have had the pleasure of working with over the time. None more notable then our arborist and fellow landscape designer Darrel McLeod. He taught me how to design a landscape whilst working with him prior to PW and I can’t thank him enough for that!

We’ve been able to create so many strong relationships through various shows and working with wonderful suppliers such as Mike and Cheryl Steel at Bamstone. Not to forget our photographer Amelia Stanwix who we have worked with over many years.

If there is anything I’d take out of the journey so far it would be to always  stay true to your passion, thanks to everyone we have been able to share it with!